All of our items are handmade and pieces may vary slightly from the photos in the listing. Particularly with leather bags, each piece of leather has its own unique grain and texture, patina and idiosyncrasies, so will be unique and one-of-a-kind. Be aware that we intentionally embrace and preserve the perfect imperfections found in leather. The brand marks, scars, textures and idiosyncrasies of the material emphasize how unique each and every piece is: no two are ever the same. Over time, your leather will develop a beautiful patina reflective of the life it has had with you and the adventures you have shared.
If you specifically don’t want any brand marks, scars or blemishes on your piece, please contact us before placing an order to ensure we can accommodate your request. The very nature of our ethos of choosing leather that large fashion houses would normally overlook due to their markings may make it difficult for us to accommodate you, but we’ll do our best.

Antique and vintage hardware has lived its life as something exposed to elements before it came to be a part of our work- this means it will have the same wear and patina expected of an antique or vintage item. We try and represent this as much as possible in the images.

Please keep in mind that we usually make more than one of the same item, so please allow slight differences to the piece that you receive. If this is a problem, please feel free to contact us before purchase so that we can let you know if we will actually be able to send you the one in the picture.