Divina Denuevo Leatherwork

As with many adventures, the birth of Divina Denuevo began with a skeleton key…

A key that unlocked a love for creating unique pieces that hint to a simpler time, using time-honoured leather-crafting techniques and sustainable design principles. Our designs are unique and edgy, while also remaining romantic and classic. We focus on re-purposing that which the world has cast aside in redundancy like keys that no longer open doors and locks that have lost their place as time has worn on. We believe in reducing waste and re-using our scraps to minimize our footprint, and in working with our hands to make pieces of functional art.

When you Carry a Divina Denuevo Bag or Accessory, You Are Carrying a Piece of the Past…

Our Hardware.

 Divina Denuevo literally means “Divine Again” in Spanish. We search high and low for antique and vintage hardware, keys and adornments in an effort to up-cycle something old that was otherwise destined for the landfill, and make it new again.

Our Leather.

We intentionally embrace and preserve the perfect imperfections found in leather. The brand marks, textures and idiosyncrasies of the material emphasize how unique each and every piece is – no two are ever the same. Over time, your leather will develop a beautiful patina reflective of the life it’s had with you and the adventures you’ve shared.

Our Guarantee.

Every Divina Denuevo accessory is lovingly handmade from start to finish by two people. Each piece is designed, cut, assembled, sewn, riveted and finished with attention to detail and pride. We offer a lifetime guarantee for our hardware. Leather, when cared for properly, will last more than a lifetime.

Thank You.

By purchasing a Divina Denuevo leather accessory you are not only investing in a product that will last a lifetime, you are also helping preserve history and reduce waste.

Divina Denuevo operates out of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. All of our work is lovingly handmade, by the two of us, in our small studio.

-Victoria & Dave

Questions, Comments and Custom Projects please email hello(at)divina-denuevo(dot)com