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I got a GoPro for Christmas and thought it would be a great excuse to show you what goes on in our studio. If you prefer to leave the magic a mystery, don’t watch – but if you want to see how I go about making things, check out this video of our Hardy Chef Knife Roll being made from start to finish. → Read more


When an old friend asked me to make him a new everyday bag, I got excited. He gave me free reign, just asking that the closure be a buckle and that there be certain pockets. His last name is “Angle”, and I think because of that I subconsciously channeled his name into the design of the bag, since it’s all angles! → Read more

Just a quick note to let you know that you can find a limited collection of our products at Black & Birch Apparel Company in Flagstaff, Arizona. → Read more

We were thrilled when one of our customers contacted us asking if we would consider making a custom version of our Barcelona Laptop Bag for her son as a birthday gift. He had received our Nottinghill Journal for Christmas, and she knew he would absolutely love the Barcelona, but wanted to make it a bit more personal.

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We love doing film work, so we were utterly ecstatic when we were contacted by NBC’s Crossbones and asked to make a bag for one of the lead characters.

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One of my dear friends who happens to be a professional chef just turned 31 yesterday, so as a gift I made him a custom knife roll. I had his girlfriend take photos of all of his knives by a ruler so I could get the measurements and make the roll exactly to their specifications. → Read more

We just wanted to give everyone a quick heads-up that you can now buy your favourite Divina Denuevo bags at the Gallery MD in Louiseville, Kentucky. → Read more

When one of our customers (the same one who designed the Lucera Phone Wallet) requested a custom pouch for his rolling tobacco, I was excited. I had been asked by a few people to make a tobacco pouch but I hadn’t gotten around to it, and here was a perfect opportunity.

He sent me photos of his existing pouch, explaining what he didn’t like/use and what he envisioned this new one to be like. He needed somewhere to hold his tobacco, obviously; somewhere for the cigarette papers, another place to keep filters and other odds and ends. → Read more

A couple weeks ago one of my dearest friends got married, and I was one of his grooms-people. The day before the wedding I realized that I didn’t have anywhere to carry my keys, cards and phone that would match the bright yellow dress I was wearing. We usually work with earthy tones so nothing I already had made would do. Luckily I quickly was able to whip up a cute little beige ostrich print wristlet, just large enough for my essentials.  → Read more

EDIT//: This case is now available for purchase!

For one of my oldest friends’ 30th birthday – a true milestone – his fiance bought him a restored straight razor from 1903, along with a badger brush and stand. She asked me to make a toiletry bag that would suit the new set since he’s a musician who’s always on the road (wearing our guitar strap!).

Drawing on my experience coming up with the wet-shaving kit last year, I knew that it would need to have a place to hold the soap, brush, and razor in one place so that they don’t get knocked about, also allowing the brush to dry. Since he already was using a ‘military wet pack’-style toiletry bag, I wanted to re-create the same style, but focusing on fixing the design flaws he found in his existing case. What resulted is this hybrid – it’s an amalgamation of all the best parts of the vintage shaving cases from the 50’s, a military wet pack, and a traditional DOPP kit. → Read more

Are you one of the 7 million viewers who caught the last episode of ABC’s ONCE UPON A TIME? In the episode (season 3, episode 5) “Good Form” where (spoiler alert!) we learn the story of Captain Hook’s past, and how he came to be a pirate, we are introduced to his older brother. When we first meet his brother, Captain Jones, he appears wearing a unique leather satchel from which he produces a mysterious sextant that helps them steer the course to Neverland. → Read more

They’re creeping up on us, and as we prepare for our first holiday markets, we wanted to update our online customers on our shipping deadlines for orders. If you know your special someone would love some luscious leather under the tree, keep these timelines in mind: → Read more

Father’s day is June 16 – have you got the perfect gift for dad yet? If not – that’s okay, we’re here to help!

Give Dad one of our leather toiletry cases with removable, waterproof, washable linings and you’re guaranteed to have him calling you his favourite (or silently thinking it).

We’ll even monogram it with his initials, free! → Read more

Last weekend Dave & I were at Got Craft? – a bi-annual craft fair that’s one of the biggest in Vancouver. → Read more

One of the coolest things about making leather bags is working with our customers and getting their feedback on what their dream bag would consist of. Our newest design, the Brooklyn Voyager is the result of a collaborative process with a customer who loved our Kirkaldy Camera bag, but had a few modifications he wanted done to suit his personal needs.

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We’ve had an amazing 2nd year and we want to thank every one of you who has been a part of it with us. We put together a little re-cap of the highlights of 2012. → Read more

A while back we made a custom phone case for a customer who liked our regular smart phone cases, but he wanted dedicated slots for his cards on top of the extra pocket for cash. He also wanted a change pocket, making this his complete carrying solution – cash, phone, cards and change.

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Happy Holidays. Still shopping? We’ve got you covered.

By now you’ve done your usual laps around the mall and checked off the majority of the people on your list – but there’s always a few people that you get stuck on, who you’re running around like crazy trying to find the perfect “something” for.


With that in mind, we’re opening our doors for a last minute, mad dash shopping party!

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One of my oldest friends is an amazingly talented musician who is not only the frontman of the local band The Airtights, but also a wizard on the guitar, touring with various pop artists around the world. He’s wanted a custom guitar strap for a while now, and with the holidays coming, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to make him one. He’s heading out on tour on the 10th, so he got an early Christmas gift with the hope that he’ll be able to use it on the road. → Read more

It’s December, and that means the month of gift giving! It can be hard to pick something for each and every person on your list – so we’ve rounded up some suggestions that will have all your bases covered. With all the running around you have to do, it’s nice to have a ‘one-stop-shop’. Also, all our work is customizable, so we can add that personal touch by putting a monogram on a wallet, bag, toiletry case – you name it!

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A couple weeks ago we had some of our designs walk the runway at The Ice Ball, a charity fundraiser for the BC Cancer Foundation.

We paired up with our studio-mate, Danielle of Twin Syndrome, who was launching her new men’s swimwear line called “Jolly Roger”. Our models totally rocked the look – a slightly pirate-themed collection of bold swim trunks paired with daring leather.

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When a good friend reached a benchmark birthday, his girlfriend asked us to make him a toiletry bag that would last him a lifetime. Knowing that he was a wet-shaving enthusiast, I wanted to make him something that would be useful to him, and more special than just making him our signature leather toiletry case with removable waterproof lining.

//EDIT: this case is now available for sale here!

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Thanks to everyone who came to our Studio Warming Party yesterday – it was great to see you all and give you a glimpse into our new workspace. One of the newest additions to our family, a leather skiving machine (thins the edges of a piece of leather for more finished edges when sewing) has yet to be named and we enlisted our party-goers help to remedy that. → Read more

We’re having a party, and you’re invited…

As many of you already know, we moved into our studio in July, and we’ve finally gotten it tidy (enough) to have visitors without feeling too ashamed. To celebrate our new home, please join us as we open our doors and give you an exclusive peek into a leatherworking studio:

Sunday September 30 from 3:00 p.m – 8:00 p.m at 41 West 7th Avenue (at Manitoba), Vancouver

Come visit, check out our tools, new products, and learn more about our antique hardware and our process. We’ll have some light refreshments and good music playing, and we’d really love to have you come by. We would never have been able to move out of Dave’s kitchen (as shown in the photo above) and into a real studio space without your continued support. Please RSVP so we have an idea of how many people to expect – it’s not a huge space!


We can’t wait to see you all there! 9 days away, let the countdown begin!

We’re excited to announce a new stockist for Divina Denuevo in two locations on Vancouver Island. Not Your Nana’s Silver is piloted by two sisters who make beautiful jewelry from antique pieces of silverware and trays. With a similar mandate to ours, NYNS is all about taking something old and making it new again, keeping beautiful things out of the landfills. They’re growing their studio space and wanted to carry local designers who have a similar mandate to theirs – we think there’s a great fit! → Read more

We’re so excited to announce that we’ll be on the runway on November 16th at the Ice Ball showing off some very cool designs. We’ve got a pretty cool collaboration planned with our studio-mate and awesome designer Danielle Friesen of Twin Syndrome, so you’ll have to come check it out to see the goodies – we promise you won’t be disappointed, we’re pushing the envelope on this one. → Read more

In all things, experience teaches us. In our particular case, it teaches us how to perfect our products and make them as functional as possible while still maintaining our signature aesthetic, and what our customers want or need the most. → Read more

Spend on Trend is only 2 weeks away! It’s happening on September 14-16 at the Heritage Hall on Main Street, and we have tickets we want to give away!

We’ll be there with our latest designs, so naturally we’d love to see you all come out.

Want to win a pair of free tickets? → Read more

We’ve been making belts for a while now, but this is the first time we specifically make a men’s belt (most of ours are a little more feminine and ornate). Made with a beautiful chocolate brown oil tanned leather, I bevelled the edges and carved the inset groove accent by hand the whole way down the belt (and yes, it’s hard to do that for that long and stay straight!) → Read more

Ever wonder how we come up with some of the designs that we have? Some are our own take on a classic shape or style, others are completely thought up out of our imaginations, and others still happen by chance and occasionally accident: our Barcelona bag is one of the latter. → Read more

Sometimes we take a break from filling orders to play around, and today was one of those days. After a late night in the studio of just playing around, we came out with this beauty. → Read more

We’ve been having some fun at the studio playing with tooling vegetable tanned leather. Working with vegetable tanned leather and dying it ourselves is something relatively new for us, as is tooling. It’s been fun being part of the entire process, from dying to finishing. We use vegetable based dyes and hammer each letter one by one. We’ve done two so far, one with a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson and the other with a quote from JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Both are now available!

We’ve been working pretty hard these days to try and get our new studio all tidied up, but with summer being one of our busiest seasons (next to Christmas!) it’s been hard finding time that isn’t spent filling orders.

We want to have a studio-warming party and open our doors up to everyone and anyone who wants to visit, but until we’re all tidied up that’ll have to wait. But because I’m more impatient than that, I thought I’d give you all a sneak peek at what’s to come…

  → Read more

It’s been a long time coming, but with all that’s been going on, it’s taken us months to buckle down and finish our wholesale catalogue. Now that it’s done though, comes the hard part for us. Dave and I aren’t much of sales people – we’re much better with a hammer and a sewing machine than we are at talking to stores, so one of our awesome customers gave us the best suggestion ever… (are you excited? here it comes:)


Genius, isn’t it? We thought so.

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We’ve been spending a lot of time in the studio lately, mainly because we love having a big wide open space to work, but also because we have so many big markets coming up. One of the cool things about spending a lot of time in the studio is that we make new designs – and this is one of our latest.

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For those of you who visited us at Jericho Folk Festival last weekend, you may have already seen one of our newest designs kicking around. It’s quickly becoming a favourite, so we wanted to share it on the blog.

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Thanks to everyone who entered our “Re-Pin to Win” contest on pinterest – it’s our first giveaway and we’re happy to announce that the lucky new owner of the one-of-a-kind leather phone case is George Patterson-Taylor!


Congratulations George! We can’t wait for you to get it!


It’s been a very exciting time in our young company’s life. When we decided to properly ‘make a go’ of this last March (2011), we dreamt of a day where we would have a space to work which we could call our own – and that wouldn’t be wedged between a sofa, a laundry machine and a sink, and littered with household wares. → Read more

Welcome to the new website, complete with blog!!

We’ve wanted to add a blog to our website for a long time now, to be able to update everyone on news, new designs, and all kinds of other good stuff – but most importantly, to give stuff away!

And so, for good mojo, our inaugural blog post is a giveaway… → Read more

The day we bought our rivet press was one of the happiest days in Divina Denuevo’s young life. Up until that day, we were hammering rivets properly old-school, striking a rivet setter and hoping for the best. The rivet press means direct pressure is applied straight on, minimizing any chance of hardware failure later on in the bag’s life. But one of the coolest things we discovered was that our rivet press also doubled as an excellent way to stamp our logo onto the labels we put inside our bags! So without further ado, check out the awesomeness:


Our refillable leather journals have become one of our bestsellers, especially for gift giving. Made with supple leather, the journal is completely refillable, allowing you to keep replacing the notebook as you fill it – this journal cover should last you a lifetime, getting only better as it ages. Each journal is closed with an antique skeleton key, and there’s a tag inside the journal that tells you where the particular key used for your journal came from.

Watch the video to see how we make the journals – check out the speedy hands!