A couple weeks ago one of my dearest friends got married, and I was one of his grooms-people. The day before the wedding I realized that I didn’t have anywhere to carry my keys, cards and phone that would match the bright yellow dress I was wearing. We usually work with earthy tones so nothing I already had made would do. Luckily I quickly was able to whip up a cute little beige ostrich print wristlet, just large enough for my essentials.¬†

ostrich print leather clutch

It worked great at the wedding and when I got a new order of very small pieces of interesting leathers in earlier this week I thought they’d make great clutches!

The first one I made was with an incredibly soft Caribbean turquoise – the colour just popped at me.

Turquoise leather clutch

Being that I always love using antique hardware as adornments for our signature style, I added an antique skeleton key to the front.

Turquoise Leather Wristlet


I figured out a bit of the idiosyncrasies of the design, and made another one using a beautiful piece of damask print leather I had also received with the same bundle

Damask Leather Clutch

With this one, I changed the envelope flap to be a deep point rather than a squared off one. I’m not sure which I like better though


Leather Makeup Bag


Both have antique keys that are over 100 years old – these ones in particular were from an abandoned warehouse find. ¬†There’s our signature leather tag telling you the story of the key inside the bag.


Here’s a photo to show the evolution of the design:


Handmade Leather Clutches


And some shots of the bags at different angles (click to enlarge)


Since the design came about from needing a clutch for my friend’s wedding, the bag is named after the place where they got married – a restaurant in Yaletown here in Vancouver, called “Brix”.

Bridesmaid ClutchesBridesmaid Clutches