A couple weeks ago we had some of our designs walk the runway at The Ice Ball, a charity fundraiser for the BC Cancer Foundation.

We paired up with our studio-mate, Danielle of Twin Syndrome, who was launching her new men’s swimwear line called “Jolly Roger”. Our models totally rocked the look – a slightly pirate-themed collection of bold swim trunks paired with daring leather.

Here’s a video of some of our walk – sorry about the quality, we were backstage dressing the models!

Here’s some pics from the runway. The last set of photos is of one of our favourite looks to work on, our “Pirate Queen”. We used gorgeous distressed marbled green leather and went for a very asymmetrical design with a corset, shoulder piece and removable collar/crown complete with ostrich feathers!


Our models loved their looks so much they asked if they could wear them after the runway show was over. We were thrilled! They even put our business cards in the waistband of their swimwear to hand out when people asked about who they were walking for.


Pretty soon, ladies were lining up to have their photos taken with the cute boys with their shirts off!


It looked like so much fun, Danielle and I had to get in on it – so here we are posing with our models at the media wall:

 Even Dave came out of hiding for a quick snap beside our logo!


Thanks to everyone who came out, and extra big thanks to our models, Danielle Friesen of Jolly Roger, and of course Britt, the organizer of The Ice Ball – we had a blast!