In all things, experience teaches us. In our particular case, it teaches us how to perfect our products and make them as functional as possible while still maintaining our signature aesthetic, and what our customers want or need the most.

All Leather Camera Bag

When we introduced the Kirkaldy camera case, we knew we were on to a winner. At markets we would see people cross the street b-lining directly to where they were hanging. We made our first one in Tan, brought it to a market and listened to our customers comment on it. They wanted more colour options, so at the next market we made it in black, chocolate brown, tan, burgundy, and we even hand painted one for those looking for a statement piece.

Vegetable Tanned Leather Bag

The last couple markets we did we heard our customers asking for the bag to be larger. They didn’t want to use it for their cameras, they wanted to use it for work, for overnight trips, to carry their laptop, and general everyday use. We listened, and went back to the studio to re-draft the pattern in larger dimensions. A few hours and a lot of math calculations later (re-sizing a pattern means figuring out what percentage to increase each piece to reach the larger size while still maintaining the same overall look/feel), we had a pattern ready for prototyping.

Large Leather Briefcase

We’re still working out a few design elements, but this new bag will definitely be available before the holidays!

Large Leather Briefcase


What do you think – do you like the original Kirkaldy or the new oversized one more?