When an old friend asked me to make him a new everyday bag, I got excited. He gave me free reign, just asking that the closure be a buckle and that there be certain pockets. His last name is “Angle”, and I think because of that I subconsciously channeled his name into the design of the bag, since it’s all angles!

leather laptop bag

I kept worrying about that front buckle being a pain if he ever needed to grab something quickly, such as his phone. So with that in mind, I made a little hidden front pocket that closes with a magnet so that he could easily put his keys or phone there.

leather carryallleather messenger bag

I also added a back sleeve style pocket so that he could put a notebook or newspaper while he’s wandering about.



The inside has plenty of room since he asked for a 4.5″ gusset. He’s going back to school so he needs something to fit all his text books, but also his laptop. I made a separate compartment for his laptop, another for any smaller items, some pen slots, and even a D ring for his keychain to clip to. There’s a steel reinforcement bar that the handle is screwed into for added security.


leather laptop bag

leather briefcaseBriefcase