We’ve been spending a lot of time in the studio lately, mainly because we love having a big wide open space to work, but also because we have so many big markets coming up. One of the cool things about spending a lot of time in the studio is that we make new designs – and this is one of our latest.

The luggage tags looked awesome as soon as we were done sewing them, but then I got the idea to put some cool sayings on them, inspired by another leather worker, called “Of The Fountain” that makes personalized tags. I started out doing these nice, whimsical, romantic sayings, and then Dave thought it would be fun to take things a little off-side. Now I think I like the cheeky one the best! We can do any phrase or word, but I’m thinking we should do a few more cheeky ones for the markets. What do you think? Cheeky or Romantic?