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I got a GoPro for Christmas and thought it would be a great excuse to show you what goes on in our studio. If you prefer to leave the magic a mystery, don’t watch – but if you want to see how I go about making things, check out this video of our Hardy Chef Knife Roll being made from start to finish. → Read more

When one of our customers (the same one who designed the Lucera Phone Wallet) requested a custom pouch for his rolling tobacco, I was excited. I had been asked by a few people to make a tobacco pouch but I hadn’t gotten around to it, and here was a perfect opportunity.

He sent me photos of his existing pouch, explaining what he didn’t like/use and what he envisioned this new one to be like. He needed somewhere to hold his tobacco, obviously; somewhere for the cigarette papers, another place to keep filters and other odds and ends. → Read more

The day we bought our rivet press was one of the happiest days in Divina Denuevo’s young life. Up until that day, we were hammering rivets properly old-school, striking a rivet setter and hoping for the best. The rivet press means direct pressure is applied straight on, minimizing any chance of hardware failure later on in the bag’s life. But one of the coolest things we discovered was that our rivet press also doubled as an excellent way to stamp our logo onto the labels we put inside our bags! So without further ado, check out the awesomeness: