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A couple weeks ago one of my dearest friends got married, and I was one of his grooms-people. The day before the wedding I realized that I didn’t have anywhere to carry my keys, cards and phone that would match the bright yellow dress I was wearing. We usually work with earthy tones so nothing I already had made would do. Luckily I quickly was able to whip up a cute little beige ostrich print wristlet, just large enough for my essentials.  → Read more

We’ve been making belts for a while now, but this is the first time we specifically make a men’s belt (most of ours are a little more feminine and ornate). Made with a beautiful chocolate brown oil tanned leather, I bevelled the edges and carved the inset groove accent by hand the whole way down the belt (and yes, it’s hard to do that for that long and stay straight!) → Read more